Invitation to Bid

General Engineering Services - Term Contract

The Town of Dublin (Town) is seeking proposals from qualified professional engineering firms (Firm) to provide engineering services, on an as needed basis. It is anticipated that one firm will be selected to provide services requested using the competitive negotiation procedure for professional services, as outlined in the Virginia Procurement Act. The work will generally include, but shall not be limited to, water/wastewater system evaluation and design, environmental engineering, lead inventory mapping, permitting, consent order management, construction administration, funding procurement assistance, etc. Proposals received from interested Firms will be evaluated for their professional qualifications, experience, and competence necessary for the completion of the requested services. The complete Request for Proposal shall be provided on our Town of Dublin website “” or “”

Clarification of the terms and conditions of this proposal should be directed to Tyler Kirkner, at (540) 674-4798 or All inquiries that affect the nature of the proposed contract or proposal contents will be conveyed by posting on the same website. The Town shall not be responsible for any information given by way of verbal communication.

Request for Proposal - General Engineering Services