Dublin Heritage Day 2011


On March 17th, 2011, Saint Patrick's Day, the citizens of Dublin were invited to the Town Hall at 10:00 am for an official reception, to celebrate the history of the Town.
Citizens were invited to bring old photographs to be scanned and made part of a permanent collection at the Town Hall. Additionally, longtime residents were invited to share their memories of the Town's history.
Over 200 people came forward, many with prized photos. Some of those photos are available here.




The Bell home



The Trinkle home



Downtown Dublin, circa 1920.
Pictures from the Southwest Times.


The Bank of Dublin. Built in 1909
Photo courtesy of Mary Jane Dudley


The construction of the steeple of the Dublin Presbyterian Church. The church has been worshiping continually since August, 1873.
Photo courtesy of the Dublin Presbyterian Church


The center of Town, looking east. On the left is the Esso Station. Just beyond it and just out of the frame on the left, is Zeiglers’s Inn, now the site of CVS Pharmacy. Not long after these pictures were taken, the then new, four lane US Route 11 passed across this land.


The view west from Church Street, the reverse view of the above photograph.


Dr, Cushing’s office on Church Street.


Looking due north, across the railway tracks at homes that were located on Church Street in 1937. At that time, three sets of tracks were in use rather than the single set we see today.


Hand tinted photograph entitled “Residence of O.E. Jordan, Dublin, Virginia.”
Photo courtesy of Mary Jane Dudley


This photo of the Dublin Depot was provided by the Norfolk Southern Railway.



More photos of the Houses & Buildings in Dublin from a 1920’s Edition of the Southwest Times.



The Hemmings’s Home



Originally the Dublin Institute, then the Dublin Elementary School , now a special use facility operated by the Board of Education.


The Dublin Methodist Church
The original portion of the church structure was destroyed by fire and demolished in May, 2003. A newer frame section, containing a large sanctuary, was protected from destruction by the Dublin Fire Department but the newer section suffered smoke damage and has been renovated.


Dublin’s first band, the Dublin Fire Department Band.
Front Row: Eric Vermillion, Randal Bentley, unknown, unknown, Claude Anderson.
Second Row: W. Clyde Cecil, H. D. Broce, unknown, W. B. Cecil, unknown.
Top Row: unknown, Lee Anderson, J. W. Brillheart, unknown, R. S. Cecil, Thomas Rorrer.

Circa 1910. Photo Courtesy of Robert “Buzz” Cecil.


Dublin Institute’s Football Squad, 1909.
Photo Courtesy of Mary Jane Dudley


Intersection of Giles Avenue and Maple Street, Looking east. Date unknown.
Photo Courtesy of Mary Jane Dudley



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