Tax Rates

Town of Dublin Tax Rates 2021
Real Esate $0.24/$100
Personal Property $0.50/$100

Real estate taxes are due by the 5th of June and the 5th of December each year.

Personal property taxes are due by the 5th of December each year.

** Any taxes not paid by their respective due dates will incur a 10% penalty and interest.


All Town of Dublin citizens (those with a 3-digit house number) must purchase and display a Town decal on each vehicle/motorcycle that is parked/garaged in the Town of Dublin limits. All personal property taxes must be paid current to purchase decals. Decals are $20.00 for vehicles and $8.00 for motorcycles. They must be purchased and displayed by April 15th of each year. The Town does not send out notices alerting citizens when to purchase decals.